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Mody Group is the leading Authorized Dealer for Premium Automobile Brands of Volkswagen, ŠKODA , Ford, Toyota, Jeep, BYD, and Honda. Our journey started in 2020, with the dealership of ŠKODA , and in a very short span of time, we have grown multifold by offering the best quality service to our customers and becoming one of the most awarded car dealerships in India.

Along with sales we also cater to After-sales and Spare parts requirements in Telangana and Maharashtra. We also render other wide range of services like financing options, pre-owned car sales, and vehicle insurance.


Harmonious proportions, clean-cut lines, bold contours and crystalline features are combined to create a design that places a focus on precision and clarity. One of the sources of inspiration for ŠKODA ’s designers is Czech crystal glass art, which is characterised by outstanding craftsmanship. This yields an expressive, emotionally charged design which harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.

“Within just a few years, ŠKODA ’s new design language has already yielded a number of sensational design studies which point towards the future of our brand,” said Karl Neuhold, Head of Exterior Design at ŠKODA . “Our objectives are clearly defined and we are now ready to present the next step.”


Feature Highlights

My Garage
All the details of your ŠKODA car in one place.

Complete Service History
Your ŠKODA ’s complete history is now easily accessible with the MyŠKODA app.

Book a service
Booking a service at a ŠKODA service center of your choice is now at your fingertips.

Dealer locator
Now locate your closest dealer no matter where in India you are.

Parking Assist
The new Parking Assistance feature helps you find your parked car through 3 simply clever steps.

Book a Test Drive
Book your test drive on the MyŠKODA App for a hassle free ownership experience

Accessories Shop
Select your model from the ŠKODA range and you can browse through the entire official accessories catalogue available from ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.).

Explore Our Locations

ŠKODA Showroom - LB Nagar

No.3-12-59, Vasant Arcade , Balaji Nagar, X Road, Mansoorabad, LB Nagar Telangana 500074

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Service - Uppal

Khalsa Village, Survey No 584, Adivireddy Estate, Industrial Area, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Sales - Attapur

No. 28/A, 32, 33 & 34, Upperpally Inner Ring Road, Opp Pillar No. 190, Attapur, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Showroom - Andheri

Shop No 3 & 4, Nasar Enclave, Juhu Lane, CD Barfiwala Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Showroom - Worli

Plot No 79, Crystal House, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Showroom - Chembur

Brindavan Colony, Chembur West, Pestom Sagar Colony, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400089

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Service - Mahalaxmi

Gala No 18 to 23, Gr Flr, Mahalaxmi Arch, Doctor E Moses Road, below Mahalaxmi Bridge, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Service - Kurla

No 326, All India Glass Works Pvt Ltd Magan Nathuram Rd, West, Bail Bajar, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Service - Goregaon

Survey No 100, Hissa No 1(Part) CTS Nos 221 and 221A of Village Goregaon, Ram Mandir Road Ghasbazar, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400063

+91 7799250000

ŠKODA Showroom and Service

No 8, 5/446/B, Hyderabad Rd, Kothirampur, Karimnagar, Telangana 505001 info@skoda-modyindiacars.co.in

+91 7799250000



A ŠKODA ’s top-class safety is built into its foundations. Here are seven key areas where innovation and technology in the chassis and engine contribute to making a driver safe and secure on the road.

1. Engine design

Making the engine lighter by means of plastic components is good for both performance and safety. In the event of a crash, lighter materials can help ensure controlled deformation on impact.

2. Slip control systems

ESC, or electronic stability control, is all about braking each wheel independently to avoid skidding. It is tailored to fit to the specific size, weight and centre of gravity of each ŠKODA model. ESC is an aid for the driver in both everyday and emergency situations.

3. Engine control unit

The engine control unit is there, among other reasons, to deactivate cruise control when the brakes are used. It also switches of the engine immediately in the event of an accident, and cuts off the fuel supply for safety.

4. Steering

In a ŠKODA , steering isn’t just about pointing the vehicle in the right direction. Of course it’s engineered to be extremely accurate, but also provides feedback on road conditions – and adapts to the task in hand. For example, it allows easy turning for parking procedures, but turns a little tougher in windy driving conditions.

5. Suspension

However good a driver you are, you will sometimes have to make an emergency stop. To do that, the car needs to be in firm contact with the road. The spring suspension, shock absorption and stabilisation system make sure that is the case.

6. Tyres

A pressure control system informs the driver immediately of any leak.

7. Brake system

Of course it’s the most obvious part of a safety system, but the brakes in ŠKODA are designed never to overheat. A sophisticated system of cooling air also reduces braking distance.


We hope we will continue to trust each other so that we create a beautiful connection between us and you. in ŠKODA site

I recently purchased a Kushaq from this dealership and they are very friendly and helpful throughout the process, particularly Atnoor Sandeep was very helpful and took care of each and everything so that we no need to worry or rush at the last moment. He was very responsive and explained each and everything in a detailed manner. Thank you Sandeep for making our first purchase memorable and hustle free.

Chaitanya U K

I got my first ever car (Kushaq) here in the ŠKODA lb Nagar showroom I would say that the people here may be the best in the world of marketing and sales. Especially Ramaraju garu helped me throughout the process of buying the car from the test ride, and loan process and also delivering the car on my birthday making my day special. Also the best manager of the branch. The process went butter smooth and everyone cheered for me on the delivery of my car. Best showroom ever.

Pavan -Essentials

Outstanding service of the Mody ŠKODA team! Very happy with the purchase of my car. Just wanted to give a huge personal thank you to sales person Mr.Tirupathi and L.B nagar Mody ŠKODA team for helping me out with the purchase of my new car. The team was attentive and supportive of what I needed in a vehicle and guided me to the right one!!!!! Thanks again, guys.

Shashi Kiran

It was a great experience, I got my ŠKODA Slavia delivered in 2 days that's really fast. The staff was really helpful and completed all work without any delay. I just loved the experience.

Shashank Gupta and Mr. Prakash Reddy helped me a lot I didn't even visit the showroom, they got all work done within a few hours and kept my car ready at the time I reached the showroom. Mody ŠKODA offered good environment and they made grand celebration at time of delivery.

Thanks again for all your efforts Shashank & Prakash Reddy.

Nitish Patel

We went to explore car options at the ŠKODA showroom and met with Yash. He helped us with our selection for the car and was there throughout explaining the features of different models and during our test drive. He was very professional and knowledgeable which was very helpful during our selection. From our booking to our delivery of the car, the entire staff was very informative and we were updated during every step. Thank you Mody car showroom for guiding us in making the right choice.


Had a wonderful experience. The staff was very friendly and corporative. I met Sales person Sharukh who had great knowledge of cars, good convincing power, and understand my needs in a car. He provided my test drive of 3 cars with an all-time smile on his face. The booking formalities were smooth I would be getting my car delivered shortly as the sales person is always in contact with me and updates me on the delivery status. Must say if you are preferring ŠKODA visit the Andheri west showroom for having an up-to-date service experience.

Tanisha Bandekar

Went to see ŠKODA Kushaq and was given a test drive by Smit Chavda. Smit explained each and every aspect of the car in detail and gave a thorough insight into the product’s technicalities. He was very courteous and of course, we were highly impressed by the product. The next few steps - price negotiations, delivery date, etc. were wonderfully handled by Smit. He was transparent in his approach and thoroughly professional. We got the car in 7 days as promised and we would like to thank the ŠKODA team, especially Smit who made our journey from planning to product delivery a beautiful experience.

Ishan Bhattacharjee

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of ŠKODA Slavia! Mr. Vishal Khanna is not only an excellent sales manager but an exceptional person who listens to your needs and queries and tries his absolute best to smoothen the pre-purchase and purchase journey. Mr. Shahrukh and Mr. Ajit also ensured timely delivery and help needed during registration. Thank you, guys, for making this an absolute pleasure!

Rohan sinha

One of the easiest and smoothest car purchase experiences.

Got my delivery without any hassle within a week of full payment. The showroom staff was extremely humble and helpful. Never felt left or unattended during the entire journey. In fact, my contact person Sneha was responding to my queries while she was away from work.

Great experience! A must-visit if you want to buy ŠKODA .

Amit Bhagat